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I-VBA Executive Summary

The preamble of the Constitution of Brazil presents the guiding principles of the country, which, many of them identify with the philosophy of the Third Sector. Highlights the establishment of a democratic state to ensure the welfare, development and justice as supreme values of a fraternal, pluralistic, without prejudice and based on social harmony.

The art. 1 establishes the foundation of the Federative Republic of Brazil citizenship and human dignity. In art. 3 establishes the objective of building a free, just and solidary; ensure national development, the eradication of poverty and marginalization and reduce regional social inequalities, and further promote the good of everyone, regardless of origin, race, sex, color, age and any other forms of discrimination.

In a society based on these principles, we can choose how to contribute to the development of it, and in the I-VBA we have chosen to develop initiatives that allow the free dissemination of global quality knowledge. We believe that social change starts in the mind of the people for whom quality knowledge becomes more necessary and indispensable.

To effect change in any segment of society we must first remove the existing barriers, many of which begin in our mind. The way we see the world is it where we live.

Prejudices only create division, violence and stagnation. Our society needs to be re-educated with a new vision and new technical, cultural and social knowledge.

Prosperity is a state of mind and we know, from modern science, that we can not be in a universe without being mentally involved in it, so the outcome of our lives is how we deal with them mentally. Brazil is a great example of many victories in the "last minute of the second half", about people who stood up against adversity and did not surrender because they believed in something that drove them to go ahead. The way they looked at their lives completely changed the course of them.

The I-VBA achieves its goals through Spreading Global Quality Knowledge, which comes from its portfolio of content (Emporiums) containing the topics of global interest of society. This is possible through the creation, development and production of Socio-Cultural Projects that are implemented through the following vehicles: Lectures, Books, Seminars, Workshops, Documentary, Exhibitions and Research. Projects are funded by sponsorship from government and the private sector through incentives Laws and/or marketing budget.

Juan Manuel Valladares
Chief Executive Officer of I-VBA

Executive Summary


In the I-VBA, we believe that wealth is a state of mind in which we experience prosperity through creativity that stems from an understanding of ourselves.

Juan Manuel Valladares
Chief Executive Officer of the I-VBA