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Emporiums I-VBA:

The Creative Agency of the Institute.

-- where our formula takes shape! --

Here is where the Creation, Development and Production of the I-VBA's Projects happens.

Empórios I-VBA

I-VBA's Content Portfolio

-- Everything is orchestrated from the themes and topics of global interest of society, grouped into 4 spaces --


  • Global Politics
    Economic Drivers
    Emergent Technologies
    Premium Economies

  • Health & Wellness
    Purchase Drivers
    Global Sustainers

  • Personal Fulfilment
    Universal Awareness

  • Caring Companies
    Patchwork Society
    Work/Life Balance
    Communication Nation

-- From the main themes of each Emporium's content one or more topics are chosen to create a script --

Empórios I-VBA

Global Social Trends. Kjaer Global. London, England. All rights reserved.

Projects's Vehicles

-- According to the characteristics and objectives of the script are chosen one or more vehicles to compose a Project --

The Projects of the I-VBA Institute are implemented through the following vehicles:







A multidisciplinary team is specifically invited to participate in each project and, depending on the objectives and scopes to be achieved, it can be formatted for Incentives Laws, marketing budget or a combination of these types of investment / sponsorship.

Lei de Incentivo à Cultura OSCIP Ministério da Cultura


In summary, everything in the Projects is supervised by the Creative Agency of the Institute - Emporiums I-VBA - who even determine the best counterparts for sponsors according the format, context, objectives and scope of the Project.

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