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Saturday, 29 October 2011 23:14

Strategic Alliance with the Swedish company 'House of Radon'

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House of Radon - Creative AgencyThe conceptual basis of the Institute's work resides in being a content generator that addresses the most important topics of global interest of society, communicating them through a differentiated and highly creative look in producing and developing projects.

This enables society to benefit from a knowledge base that will give it, through various vehicles ranging from lectures, seminars, workshops, documentaries and even literary projects, artistics and cultural; access to social trends that are setting the direction the humanity, getting involved in initiatives that create personal change and therefore the community in which they live. The way a society thinks of itself is how it develops, builds and presents.

For this reason is that the choice of local and international partners that the I-VBA develops is very careful, because as a civil society organization of public interest have a very high responsibility to society, so we care to give it the best.

And considering that content creation is one of the most important aspects in building projects, it is with great pleasure that I present the Swedish company "House of Radon", with whom the I-VBA have a exclusive strategic alliance to develop projects in Social Business.

The first time I talked to one of its founders, the Swedish Philip Marthinsen, immediately envisioned the enormous synergy that exists between our organizations. When I saw the refinement of creative work that they have developed for Ericsson, in addition to the keen eye and highly creative of Philip, these were the foundations sufficient to enable us to develop a highly effective and dynamic dialogue.

The establishment of this partnership will allow the Brazilian society to develop projects of high social impact globally, as those that the "House of Radon" has obtained, for example, with the project called: PressPausePlay, which is an documentary that revolves around the democratization of art driven by the Digital revolution of the last decade which has unleashed unprecedented creative opportunities for "the crowd" at large.

To paraphrase Arianna Huffington, editor in chief and co-founder of news site "The Huffington Post", and one of 20 global thinkers invited by Ericsson for its project "2020 Shaping Ideas", "People really want to be part of the history of their time. They want to develop a story, not just consume it". That is what we seek in the I-VBA projects, social involvement of people with a decidedly different minds that can change their realities.

I give the most cordial welcome to our friends in the "House of Radon", Stockholm, Sweden.

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Juan Manuel Valladares

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