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Geraldo Setter - Corporate Vision in the Third Sector

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Geraldo SetterI would like to introduce Geraldo Setter, who is in charge of Business Development at I-VBA.

Geraldo is a mechanical engineer graduated from Escola de Engenharia Mauá, graduate degree from Fundação Getúlio Vargas, Fundação Dom Cabral and Insper (MBA). Currently pursuing masters in business administration (MSc) also by Insper. With over twenty years of professional experience primarily in the area of finance, held executive positions at companies such as Andersen Consulting / Accenture, BankBoston, Philips, Promon, Grupo Rossi and Valor Econômico, among others.

And what makes an executive with corporate profile in an NGO?

Once I was asked to give a speech at an event linked to third sector organizations. They asked me what I would say to the participants, our colleagues in social activity.

I replied that I would talk about a particular topic: NGO S.A. (corporation) / Focus on generating abundance. Apparently my answer surprising, possibly by the as straightforward approach to the topic. I mentioned that a speech like that had a much simpler goal: create a multidisciplinary open dialogue, inviting the players of the corporate sector to share, not in this opportunity their management experiences; but rather their commercial knowledge to generate revenues that permit make viable the institutional goals of NGOs.

Unfortunately today NGOs in Brazil carry the stigma of a polluted reputation for lack of transparency, professionalism and a few ideas, hidden behind a layer of appealing content. The collective idea that still exists about NGO is associated with lack and not abundance, to donation and not to value added, to the voluntarism without commitment rather than the professionalism based in results. It seems that not yet we accept that one of our main social partners - the companies - have their primary focus on economic results, coming social responsibility or environmental issues as an additional focus.. We need to learn to communicate with the companies. The NGOs do not exist to make a favor to society, but rather to have a relationship of shared responsibility with it..

So back to the original question: What makes an executive with corporate profile, as Geraldo Setter in an NGO?

- I'd say he's here sharing a common vision:

In I-VBA, we strongly believe that a good working team, for the development of any project, should include the greatest amount of knowledge in diverse areas of expertise, thus shed light on the only point that matters: how to make viable our institutional goals, through the implementation of projects, in a "win-to-win" value equation with the companies and society.

Therefore, taking into account the professional profile and broad corporate experience, it is with great pleasure that I introduce Geraldo Setter assuming his duties at the I-VBA in charge of Business Development, in direct relation with the team of Mavericks ( and the projects of Corporate Citizenship that the Institute develops.

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