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Column - Metropolis (4)

This column is in charge of Geraldo Setter, responsible for Business Development in the I-VBA.
The column "Metropolis", section of the I-VBA Magazine, aims to create a space for opinion of many professional actors and the corporate sector, as well as the academic areas of postgraduate and masters, and thus can share their experiences, knowledge and ideas in relation to social development in Brazil.
This column aims to create a communication link between the different sectors of society around a common goal: abundance generation in a society better developed.

Fomento Cultural

Brazil soured a long dark period during the 1960s, 70s and early 80s. The military dictatorship impoverished Brazilian law in every way.

The devolution of power to civilians was certainly the only way for the return to the rule of law.

Giving such mandatory and just change, a path of no return for the democratization of the country began with the establishment of the Citizen Constitution by the Constituent National Assembly (1987 and 1988).

Brazil needed a union of all classes, ideas and ideals that would be compiled in one of the most complex constitutions of the planet.

Among all the inclusions in the social domain, rights and guiding principles for the life of all citizens, new forms of institutionalization were included in order to integrate the population into a new context of social development.

Monday, 16 September 2013 15:50

Where Art meets Luxury

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Beachwear BrasileiroWhen I was asked to write an article talking about my experience about how to incorporate the art of senses in my creations inside a successful business, I was not sure where to start. Then I remembered the widespread assertion that Brazil is the land of opportunity and concludes that this would be a good starting point.

I believe rather that in Brazil exist opportunity to develop good ideas, but precisely by the Brazilian's income is growing and this encouraging retail sales, consumers are becoming more demanding and seeking differentiated and innovative products.

In the market where I work - beachwear - Brazil has a very special tradition for us to dictate enough time trends in beachwear for the world. We can say that Brazil is for the bikini as well as Europe is to "haute couture". Therefore, this market is very hot in the summer both of the United States and Europe, as in the Brazilian summer.

Monday, 20 May 2013 16:49

Live Marketing

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Live MarketingFor some time now we live in an accelerated way, the transformation of communication as an instrument of persuasion and relationship building between advertisers and consumers.

The Promotional Marketing was a key driver of this transformation since almost twenty years ago, their importance has grown significantly in the planning of brands - gaining indispensable status - and still leaving some unwilling skeptics of mouth open when they hear of their contractors: "we will use this money for a promotion".

The difficult thing were to understand that movies should be set up to sell the promotion, not the product. The responsible for the sale of the product was the strength of the promotion. But these days are gone! The new creatives of 2D world has understood the need to have a "live communication specialist" planning their strategies.

Today, once again, the organic world of promotional communication is reinventing itself, and is rising a new denomination to identify companies that are doing marketing actions alive: The LIVE MARKETING Agencies.

Thursday, 28 March 2013 14:38

What is Social Branding?

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Coluna MetrópolesThe last days, surfing the Internet, I came across a very interesting and briefly explanation about Social Branding. Interesting not because it provide deep theoretical concepts about the subject, but by the quick reference done to a broader issue before saying something almost obvious.

Actually the explanation make initially reference to the so called the tripod of sustainability, where the economic result more the social and environmental responsibilities are the conditions to be met for a company to make it clear that already exceeded the traditional business model.

Now we know that it is not possible to talk about sustainability in a company if the economic results are not reached. Only from such a situation is that the company will mind - beyond the merely legal requirements - with social or environmental issues.

Making done this reference to the tripod of sustainability, the explanation continued, with simplicity and candor, saying that a brand with social concern is a brand like any other on the market.

Thus, Social Branding is creating a friendly - and true - relationship with society!