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Juan Manuel Valladares

Juan Manuel Valladares

Presidente Executivo
Instituto I-VBA
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Friday, 16 May 2014 19:19

Partnership with Livraria da Vila

Livraria da VilaMy childhood, in my grandparents’ home, is one of the most important chapters in my life. It was there that my passion for the arts and literature was born. In the context of a traditional Chilean family, I lived a routine marked by social rituals and mores that would revolve around gatherings and intellectual soirees filling the house with people from different contextual origins.

It was my grandfather, who taught me with love and patience the importance of a good calligraphy – with clear and rounded letters allowing a good communication of ideas, thoughts and feelings – which, according to him, would be fundamental to my adult life. It was in his library that I spent my best summer afternoons. The quantity and diversity of books in sepia coloring, with its characteristic sweet smell, were responsible for my affection for books, magazines and articles.

When I arrived in Brazil seven years ago, Renata – who would be my wife some time afterwards – took me in my first visit to a bookstore in São Paulo, one she liked a lot. It was there, at 915, Fradique Coutinho Street, in the neighborhood of Pinheiros, where I bought my first novel in Portuguese: Budapest, by Chico Buarque.

By then I could not imagine that life, years late, would allow me be back to the same bookstore, this time to have coffee with Rafael Seibel, one of the owners of Livraria da Vila.

Geraldo SetterI would like to introduce Geraldo Setter, who is in charge of Business Development at I-VBA.

Geraldo is a mechanical engineer graduated from Escola de Engenharia Mauá, graduate degree from Fundação Getúlio Vargas, Fundação Dom Cabral and Insper (MBA). Currently pursuing masters in business administration (MSc) also by Insper. With over twenty years of professional experience primarily in the area of finance, held executive positions at companies such as Andersen Consulting / Accenture, BankBoston, Philips, Promon, Grupo Rossi and Valor Econômico, among others.

And what makes an executive with corporate profile in an NGO?

Once I was asked to give a speech at an event linked to third sector organizations. They asked me what I would say to the participants, our colleagues in social activity.

I replied that I would talk about a particular topic: NGO S.A. (corporation) / Focus on generating abundance. Apparently my answer surprising, possibly by the as straightforward approach to the topic. I mentioned that a speech like that had a much simpler goal: create a multidisciplinary open dialogue, inviting the players of the corporate sector to share, not in this opportunity their management experiences; but rather their commercial knowledge to generate revenues that permit make viable the institutional goals of NGOs.

Wednesday, 06 June 2012 00:15

Partnership with JWT - Brazil

JWT BrasilWithout a doubt, that in I-VBA the understanding that we have about some things is quite different from the traditional or customary in the market. We do not do this because we want to highlight us through a differentiated fact, but because we simply have a look that - within the context of diversity - it can contribute in some way with the Brazilian social development. This daring to have a different view is that often enables man to accomplish great achievements. I believe this has been one of the major factors that made of JWT one of the most important advertising agencies in the world, to which I'm having the pleasure to introduce in this article.

We also hope to reach our achievements, but it we did not succeed alone. Nothing really important can be accomplished by the few. For this reason the I-VBA - within the context of their contribution and social development in Brazil - always choose their partners and allies within the most prominent of national and international place, because only with the best is that we can debug increasingly our social action.

Thursday, 08 December 2011 21:56

Ambassadors A: Ricardo Ribenboim

Ricardo RibenboimAllow me to introduce Mr. Ricardo Ribenboim. It's not an easy task, simply because I do not know where to start. When I met him, the empathy was immediately by a wide number of features in common, but clearly differentiated by individual experiences. A sharp look that combines the observation of the details with the depth of forms, from an insider's perspective, certainly born from the heart of who has carved chest: I-Think-Design.

When people told me they wanted to introduce myself to who had been CEO and Vice Chairman of the "Itaú Cultural", I did not think that the meeting would be so relaxed. I was not only in a meeting with a person of a great career, I was in the studio of an artist. A dynamic and flowing conversation where ideas seem to pop up to ceiling into the wide light-filled white office space of the company "Base7 Projetos Culturais", where Ricardo, Managing Director, offered me the privilege of an invigorating exchange of ideas.

House of Radon - Creative AgencyThe conceptual basis of the Institute's work resides in being a content generator that addresses the most important topics of global interest of society, communicating them through a differentiated and highly creative look in producing and developing projects.

This enables society to benefit from a knowledge base that will give it, through various vehicles ranging from lectures, seminars, workshops, documentaries and even literary projects, artistics and cultural; access to social trends that are setting the direction the humanity, getting involved in initiatives that create personal change and therefore the community in which they live. The way a society thinks of itself is how it develops, builds and presents.

For this reason is that the choice of local and international partners that the I-VBA develops is very careful, because as a civil society organization of public interest have a very high responsibility to society, so we care to give it the best.

And considering that content creation is one of the most important aspects in building projects, it is with great pleasure that I present the Swedish company "House of Radon", with whom the I-VBA have a exclusive strategic alliance to develop projects in Social Business.

Friday, 22 July 2011 19:59

Embaixadores "A": Renato Filho

Renato FilhoA primeira vez que conversei com Renato Filho tive uma empatia natural e imediata. Ficou muito claro para mim, à medida que transcorria nossa conversa, que a expressão da arte provêem da essência do ser, porque era visível - conhecendo o trabalho de Renato - que a clareza e vivacidade dele eram um claro reflexo desse manifesto. Este tipo de sinergia entre as pessoas é muito boa para o desenvolvimento de qualquer tipo de iniciativa.

A troca de ideias com Renato foi fluida e vivaz logo do começo. Renato mostrou uma visão muito clara e alinhada com os objetivos do I-VBA. O seu interesse na importância que deve ser dada ao desenvolvimento artístico brasileiro como manifestação viva da cultura de um povo, não deixaram de me surpreender. Esse olhar entusiasta e observador dos detalhes que geram a criação artística com a qual produz suas peças fotográficas, junto a sua dinâmica por "fazer acontecer", era exatamente o que I-VBA precisava somar às suas atividades.

Que grata surpresa e privilégio têm sido conhecer tão destacado Pernambucano. Renato Filho não somente se soma ao I-VBA no desenvolvimento de projetos em conjunto, senão que também assume como Embaixador do Instituto, iniciando-se com ele a integração de atividades do I-VBA numa região tão maravilhosa quanto ele mostra nas suas fotos. É com todo prazer que apresento a vocês, Renato Filho, Embaixador do I-VBA. Seja bem-vindo Renato!

Tuesday, 10 May 2011 17:33

Ambassadors A: Araquém Alcântara

Araquém AlcântaraMy first encounter with Araquém Alcantara was during a lunch tinted with a bottle of Chilean red wine. And the usages of the family gatherings of my childhood I was taken by a poetic narrative, exciting and full of life, from the heart of one of the photographers, the Brazilian nature, most prominent in recent times. Listening his stories filled with passion for the Amazon, his great muse, see the marks on the face of those who have walked enough inland and felt the pulse of life in a region simply magnificent, they were impressions difficult of to take out of my mind in the days following.

For this reason, and curious to know more about this personality so interesting is that we enter in a series of talks later that gravitated to an inevitable conclusion: invite Araquém Alcantara to be Ambassador of the I-VBA. The trajectory of Araquém totally reflects what we seek when we talk about people with a decidedly different mind. His view of our surroundings and the way that we need take care with a so rich heritage as the Amazon is, without doubt that this are great contents to be released in conjunction with the I-VBA in favor of building a society more plentiful, who take cares of their more intrinsic values as is the land on which it dwells.

Saturday, 26 March 2011 17:42

Embaixadores "A": Amir Slama

amirslamaDesde que cheguei ao Brasil não deixo de me surpreender com a força e talento criativo que este país tem, e certamente o meu primeiro e maior interesse sempre tem sido conhecer os seus protagonistas. Apresentar Amir Slama não é fácil para mim, porque eu não sei exatamente por onde começar. Para conhecer o profissional que ele é somente temos que olhar a mídia e ver o resultado do seu trabalho, mas conhecer a pessoa do Amir é simplesmente magnífico.

O carisma aconchegante que Amir Slama tem e a maneira como ele olha para a sociedade certamente que são de grande importância para o contexto do I-VBA. Por isso que saber do convite que Eden Yin, um dos reitores da Universidade de Cambridge, na Inglaterra, fez ao Amir Slama para dar uma palestra para 150 alunos do curso de MBA de Estratégia e de Marketing, somente veio confirmar aquilo que já tínhamos advertido em relação a eloquência e conteúdo comunicacional do Amir.

Friday, 18 February 2011 02:54

Embaixadores "A": Elisa Lobo

ocimar versolatoAcredito que a melhor maneira de começar apresentando o trabalho de Elisa Lobo será citando um parágrafo de um artigo que escreveu a Médica e Escritora Sonia Regina Rocha Rodrigues, da cidade de Santos, Estado de São Paulo, o qual retrata da melhor maneira o nosso pensar em relação a Elisa: "A cultura é um forte agente de identificação pessoal e social, um modelo de comportamento que integra segmentos sociais e gerações, uma terapia efetiva que desperta os recursos internos do indivíduo e fomenta sua interação com o grupo e um fator essencial na promoção da saúde, na medida em que o indivíduo se realiza como pessoa e expande suas potencialidades."

Elisa Lobo nasceu em Presidente Prudente - SP. Seu compromisso sempre foi o de criar oportunidades de emprego e renda em comunidades menos favorecidas através de um mercado ético e justo.

Monday, 07 February 2011 15:18

Embaixadores "A": Ocimar Versolato

ocimar versolatoUm dos principais diferenciais do I-VBA é mostrar a força que possuem pessoas com uma mente decididamente diferente. Aquelas que têm sido capazes de superar as dificuldades, sabendo acreditar nelas como um grande fator de determinação e coragem, permitindo mostrar aos demais que realmente se pode alcançar aquilo que desejamos quando temos a convicção suficiente para dizer sim para a vida.

Por isso que quando conheci a história de Ocimar Versolato não pude deixar de concordar em que ele fizesse parte dos Embaixadores do I-VBA. Estamos certos que ele, desde sua atual residência em Milão, será um grande aporte ao Instituto na divulgação dos objetivos sociais que fazem parte desta grande empreitada brasileira.

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